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Kristina Keen Missionary Challenge

After becoming radically saved, Kristina visited Northern Ireland in 2011 on her first short term missions trip. She felt the Lord speak clearly to her that she would return again. 2 years later she returned to complete a year long internship at a local church in Derry~ Londonderry.

Now, the Lord has opened the door for Kristina to return as a Missionary Associate to Northern Ireland. Your offerings will help Kristina tell families in Ireland about Jesus and further the work of the gospel.

Harbor Kidz Missions Offering Contest

Every year Harbor Kidz takes three months (February-April) to focus on raising money for missionaries around the world. In the past, Harbor Kidz has given generally to missions through BGMC (Boys Girls Missionary Challenge). This year, Harbor Kidz has chosen to give to Kristina Keen— a missionary straight from Harbor Light. The three children who give the highest offering by the end of April will receive a prize from Pastor Brent. Previous years this has included laptops, game consoles, etc.

Contest Instructions

  1. Have your child put their name on their giving box and fill it with money

  2. Each week, count and transfer your money to a zip lock bag. Label the bag with your name, Total amount, “Boy” or “Girl” and bring it to Kidz church.

  3. February through April we will count the offering and keep track of each persons giving.

  4. Tell us if you would like to receive “Giver Credit” (For tax purposes)

  5. The First Sunday in May, we will announce the winners.

Questions? Contact Harbor Kidz at 510.744.2222

Do you want to give as a parent?

As a parent you also have an opportunity to give towards Kristina’s work in Ireland. You can pray for her, You can sign up for her newsletters, and you can choose to give financially.

If you would like to give financially you can do so through Harbor Light’s online/mobile giving page. Just simply select the amount you’d like to give,
1. Give a “one time” offering or 2. You can set up monthly support and choose “Kristina Keen Ireland” from the list of options available.