Cleansing Stream Course

Sun. at 8:30am in English start Feb 24
Sun. at 8:30am in Spanish start Feb 24
Wed. at 7:00pm in English start Feb 27

Inspiring videos, thought-provoking curriculum and honest discussion make this a powerful tool for personal healing and growth. This is not a support group but a 12-week course which includes a one-day (Saturday) retreat. Learn to put God's Word first and experience freedom from those areas of your life where you feel "stuck". Take a fresh look at your Father in heaven. Change the way you believe about yourself and your circumstances. Learn to forgive.

 A class requirement is the retreat, held at Valley Christian Center, Dublin on Saturday, May 4, 9am-6pm.  Anyone may register and attend, not just class participants - open to all!

Where We Meet

Various locations
4760 Thornton Avenue
Fremont, CA 94536
United States

For more info:
Contact Pastor Dave or 510.744.2213